Monsoon certainly brings us relief from the summer heat but it also comes with its fair share of problems like flooded roads, traffic jams and not to forget the half dried smelly clothes.

Well, the situation even worsens in city-life where everyone needs to go to the office with fresh clothes every day. When the clothes are wet and the sun goes missing due to clouds, it turns out to be a nightmare. This not only reduces brightness of your clothes and leaves them with lackluster, but also makes the fabric stinky and humid.

So, here we serve a list of few appliances that care for your clothes during monsoon, take heed and save your day.

Washing Machine- A washing machine ensures proper maintenance of your clothes in the humid monsoon season. This way of doing your laundry at home will be time saving and energy-efficient. These machines feature such as soaking and spinning will give your clothes a deep cleaning, without exerting great pressure on the textile. Drying in a damp place like the one we are living in, can take hours or days in monsoon. Thus, it is better to choose a dryer or spinner basket washing machine, it would be best to spin the clothes to semi-dry before hanging them to dry completely. Make your room airy by opening windows, It helps drain the moisture get your clothes dry in the monsoon more quickly. To dry excess humidity from your wardrobe, you can also use a stack of newspaper. You can choose from a range of washing machines from Bihar’s top electronic retail chain Aditya Vision, which is present is almost all the districts of Bihar.

Drying of clothes can take hours or days in the monsoon. Clothes gets damaged and remain smelly if not dried fully during this season. The best way to care for your wet clothing is that you should dry them correctly. This can be done properly and easily with the help of a dryer. A Dryer not only saves your time, but also increases the life of your garments, it also gets them ready to use quickly & effortlessly. Weather, time, space and effort will no longer be a constraint to dry your cloth. Visit the best home appliance store Aditya Vision in Bihar, where you can choose from a variety of dryers. The dryer’s come with various characteristics such as silent operation, vent block indicator, drum rack for the best care of your garments' during monsoon.

Iron - Ironing your clothing has a lot of benefits, and it is a blessing for clothes during monsoon. Ironing your clothes seals its fabric to prevent weather damage to your clothes. Ironing the clothing also removes smell and kills germs and bacteria from it. There are various types of irons in the market, choosing the right one is always difficult. Visit the best home appliance stores of Aditya Vision in Bihar, and buy after taking best advice from the experts there.