The rainy season has come knocking on our doors, the first shower gives us respite from the blistering heat of summer but also brings with itself trouble for our electronic equipment & gadgets, especially the most useful ones, such as mobile phones and watches etc. that we use day-to-day. It's time to visit Bihar’s best electronic goods retail chain Aditya Vision, to buy water-resistant electronic devices for carefree enjoyment during monsoon.


During rain, we are always warned about our smartphones. Smartphones nowadays have become a necessity and such an important tool, that can disrupt our day-to-day activities, should it get damaged anyway. Splashing water from a speedy vehicle, drizzling or a few splatters can cause a malfunction. But, a water resistant smartphone bought from the best electronics shop of Bihar Aditya Vision, can save you from the agony of monsoon.

Smart Watch

Analogue watches are getting outdated, especially amongst the young people, as they are moving towards the smartwatches. A heavy downpour can though ruin the mood and excitement. To save you from this irony, Apple’s smart watch, which comes with a robust aluminium casing, can certainly be a good choice. It can withstand not just rain, but also 50 metres of underwater depth. Even if you are looking for a pocket-friendly and budget waterproof smartwatch, you can go for Mi Band . It's an attractive slim smartwatch that can efficiently handle rain, splashes of water and sweat.


Capturing grey outskirts, black thunder bursting blooms, shiny greenery after rain, or even flood can threaten your camera with severe damage. If you are an amateur, creative photographer, enthusiast or a professional, you need a camera that is able to withstand weather and rainfall. The Nikon Coolpix W300 – with 5x optical zoom, 4K video recording capability is waterproof and can be the right choice. You can also take this amazing machine underwater for photography. To buy this fantastic camera you don’t need to step out from the comfort of your home, just order it online from Bihar’s best electronic retail chain ‘Aditya Vision’ and get it delivered at your home.

Head Phones

Music complements monsoon, for the lovers of music, musical duet of nature and gamut is like an ecstasy. One never wants an interruption in this pleasure, this can only be ensured with waterproof headphones, that can provide continuous flow of music in the rainy season. Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones can provide uninterrupted tunes during the rains. Its soft silicone and hydrophobic covering provide maximum comfort.

Don't just remain confined at home, prep-up and prepare for monsoon adventure, excitement and beauty. Gift yourself a waterproof gadget to enjoy the nature's art.