How boring a game can be, if not combined with perfect headphones! Catching up with fine details, countering lag-time or even coordinating with friends, all together for best gaming experience, one needs a matching set of headphones. It’s tough, though to choose one from the available wide range of headphones at Aditya Vision, the best electronic shop of Bihar. Stick with us to lay hands on a perfect guide to buy right headphones, considering few facts, while you are buying one!

  1. The platform – First, check the platform you will be using your headphone on, it matters a lot. A headset with 3.5 mm connection will usually work nicely on all platforms viz-a-viz PC, Mac, Xbox One, or any of your favourite PS. You can also connect them with laptop or PC.
  2. Wired or Wireless – This can be purely your choice. With wireless headphones, you can enjoy the freedom to move around, caution is to remain in the range of your blue-tooth network.
  3. Weight of the headset – Headphones are made of variety of materials, ranging from plastic to aluminium. Select your headset, considering its weights, depending on how comfortable you want to be while using the headphone.
  4. Type: Over Ear or In-Ear – Type of headphones you select matters the most, In-ear headphones will be resting in your ear canal. While an Over the Ear will cover the ears. The In-ear headphones are best when you are doing physical workouts. Over-Ear headphones are suggested for comfort while playing games, since its session can continue for long hours.
  5. Brand – While going for headphones, make sure you go for a trusted brand, bought from a trusted source. Aditya Vision is the most trusted electronics retail chain in Bihar which deals in almost all famous brands, such as JBL, Sony, Boat etc. Choose wisely.

In today’s time Headphones are the most widely used gadget and are in high demand. Luckily you do not have to wander in search of your favorite headphones. Once you land up at Aditya Vision, the best online shop to buy electronics, your worries are over. If you are looking for more professional guidance on your choice, visit your nearest Aditya Vision store, you can also order online from and get super-fast delivery from a store near you.