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  1. Summer’s here!! Get your summer electronics ready

    We at Aditya Vision keep reminding our patrons about to keep their electronic products ready and in fine shape when their need arises.

    The summer is knocking at our doors and it's time we removed the covers off the Air Conditioners, coolers and Refrigerators and get them ready for the scorching times ahead.

    Here we are sharing easy steps on how to clean the filter of AC at home, how to ready the cooler for summer and how to clean and defrost your refrigerator.

    So let's begin with the filter cleaning of your Window & Split Air Conditioner.

    Window AC Filter cleaning:

    Step 1:Safety first, unplug the AC. Depending on your model, you will either pull the filter up or slide down from its slot. For specific information about how to remove your front panel and filter, check your manual.

    Step 2:Carefully remove the filter and remove excess dirt from the filter

    Step 3: Wash the filter under running water until you can see clearly through the filter

    Step 4: Shake off excess water and do not dry the filter in direct sunlight, dry it for few hours in shade or in a room

    Step 5: After few hours ensure that there is no dampness in the filter, now you can re-install the filter and it's good to go.

    Split AC Filter Cleaning:

    Step 1: Unplug the AC. Remove the front cover of the AC by lifting the knobs the are on the sides of the AC

    Step 2: Take out the filter carefully and remove the excess dirt from the filter

    Step 3: Clean the filter under running water till the time you can see through it

    Step 4: Do not dry the filter in direct sunlight as overheat could lead to a deformed shape, dry it under room temperature or shade

    Step 5: Once dry check for dampness, if it's dry then it's ready to re-install

    Clean / Defrosting your Refrigerator:

    Step 1:Unplug your refrigerator and leave the door open

    Step 2:Empty your fridge

    Step 3: Remove all the racks and trays from your refrigerator

    Step 4: Leave the refrigerator open for a few hours

    Step 5: After some time the ice will start melting, make sure that you put towels and thick clothes under the refrigerator so that they absorb the melted water

    Step 6: After the ice melts, clean the fridge with a cloth and put the tray and rack back and your fridge is ready for use again.

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  2. 5 Signs that highlight that your AC needs to be checked

    We at Aditya Vision know that when Air Conditioners are working fine they can help you relax and increase your efficiency but when they are not, they can really test your patience.

    So here are a few signs that indicate that something is wrong with your AC and it should be looked at by an expert.

    Sign 1: There's nothing more frustrating than a sweltering day outside and your AC not throwing cool air. You should understand it's time now to get it checked.

    Sign 2: It's is ok for an AC to make some sound while turning it on and off but if it's constantly belting out strange noises you should know that its time top call the expert.

    Sign 3: Bad smell, If it smells bad then something is wrong with your AC, could be anything from a dead small creature to gas leakage to bacterial growth, call the mechanic.

    Sign 4: Too much water, if you notice too much water around your AC unit, get it checked.

    Sign 5: Uneven air flow or weak airflow could mean that there is a blockage somewhere, Call the mechanic.

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  3. 4 must have accessories for your Air Conditioner

    Well most of us think that AC's simply require time to time servicing and that's it but we at Aditya Vision will tell you about those small things that will not just protect your expensive machines but also keep them going for long.

    During summer the easy is turned on and off every day so the accessory that we are going to tell you about might not come to your mind but it is an accessory that you would require when your AC Is not in use and is shut down for months.

    1. AC Cover: It might seem like an ordinary accessory but trust us this will keep your AC Safe and clean for months during which it is not functional. It will not just protect from minor outside damage but also keep the dust from entering the AC and small creatures like house lizards, rats which could cause serious damage to your machine, so better safe than sorry.
    2. AC Remote Guard: The remote of your AC is the main control unit as it provides everything on your fingertips, imagine your AC without the remote, it's difficult. So please ensure that you have a solid & Durable guard over you AC remote which will safeguard it from accidental damage
    3. Outdoor Unit Stand: This one is for the Split AC's outdoor unit, since the outdoor unit is fixed on this stand so please ensure that the stand is of good quality and installed properly
    4. Stabilizer: Voltage fluctuations are common phenomenon and Stabilizers are static devises to stabilize your utility voltage before feeding to the connected AC, it controls the voltage fluctuations entering your appliances and saves them from serious damage, so it is very important
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