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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. 4 must have accessories for your Air Conditioner

    Well most of us think that AC's simply require time to time servicing and that's it but we at Aditya Vision will tell you about those small things that will not just protect your expensive machines but also keep them going for long.

    During summer the easy is turned on and off every day so the accessory that we are going to tell you about might not come to your mind but it is an accessory that you would require when your AC Is not in use and is shut down for months.


    1. AC Cover: It might seem like an ordinary accessory but trust us this will keep your AC Safe and clean for months during which it is not functional. It will not just protect from minor outside damage but also keep the dust from entering the AC and small creatures like house lizards, rats which could cause serious
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  2. 5 Signs that highlight that your AC needs to be checked

    We at Aditya Vision know that when Air Conditioners are working fine they can help you relax and increase your efficiency but when they are not, they can really test your patience.

    So here are a few signs that indicate that something is wrong with your AC and it should be looked at by an expert.

    Sign 1: There's nothing more frustrating than a sweltering day outside and your AC not throwing cool air. You should understand it's time now to get it checked.

    Sign 2: It's is ok for an AC to make some sound while turning it on and off but if it's constantly belting out strange noises you should know that its time top call the expert.

    Sign 3: Bad smell, If it smells bad then something is wrong with your AC, could be anything

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