Choosing a washing machine that is not only convenient and inexpensive, but also suitable for your delicate clothes, is a difficult task. Today, a washing machine is one of the most basic necessities in every home. Are you also trying to find the perfect match?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the factors to consider when purchasing a washing machine.

1. Washing machine capacity: Yes, the capacity of the washing machine is important. The capacity you will require is determined by the size of your family. A 7 kg washing machine will suffice for a 4-5-member family, while a 9 kg capacity washing machine will suffice for a larger traditional joint family.


2. Automatic or Semi-automatic: Automatic washing machines require less manual effort, whereas semi-automatic washing machines allow you to control the water flow in your washing machine. Visit your nearest Aditya Vision store to try out a wide range of washing machines and simplify your laundry. The trained professionals will advise you on the best course of action based on your needs and requirements.


3. Top load vs. front load: Both top and front load washing machines have advantages. Visit your nearest Aditya Vision store and let the professionals guide you towards the best washing machine for your needs. You can also choose washing machines with dryers, which make it easier to dry laundry during the monsoon season.


Washing machines have a life expectancy of up to 14-15 years; we ensure that our customers receive the best after-sales service and demo as and when required to ensure that your product lives a long and healthy life. Visit your nearest Aditya Vision store to get the best washing machines at low prices. If you have any questions, please call the toll-free number 9955555544.