Aditya Suraksha is a loyalty program by Aditya Vision Limited that offers an Extended Warranty in addition to the standard warranty on new items. This policy enables you to get smart and secure coverage on a wide range of products so that you do not need to go anywhere and pay a hefty amount for your repairs once your standard warranty expires.


Aditya Suraksha assists you by providing warranty coverage beyond the warranty tenure to help maintain the appliances for a longer period of time.

With Aditya Suraksha policy you can enjoy the smart and hassle-free service experience after the standard warranty expires. Services that can help you restore and repair your equipment, and maintenance that helps keep your products running as smoothly as new.


With Aditiya Suraksha Extended Warrenty Program, you can secure all your home appliances with 360° full coverage.

  • Get hassle free service on any brand and any type of product, we will take care of it.
  • Our services will be operational for you 365 days.
  • Say no more to Google searches about service centers, we'll cover the distance for you and provide you door-to-door service along with free pickup and drop delivery of your products.
  • We believe in giving the best service experience to the consumers and we know that you also trust us so we ensure that you always get the original and best parts.
  • If it ever seems that your appliances are not working fine or its time for their service, then we will always be available at a distance of just one call.



Repairing your expensive equipments after the warranty expires can cost you dearly and can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Also, it cannot be said whether all the spare parts are genuine or not.
To deal with all these issues and to give yourself the peace of mind to cover the cost of certain repairs, you can consider taking Aditya Suraksha as an extended warranty on your used appliances, as long as you want to keep them safe and to avoid risks.